Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tuesday Poem - Five Short Ones by Maurice McNamara

Five Short Ones by Maurice McNamara

milk spills in the keyboard
goes to sleep

in our dry country
rain on the roof
sounds like religion

drugs – a slow war
mostly carried out
lying down

in your arms
I wonder why I said that
stupid thing

you drive around
the block
waiting for me
to grow up

Maurice is a dear friend and a big part part of the Melbourne scene. In many ways he is the scene. If you want an insouciant MC with allsorts up his sleeve, ask Maurice. I have heard him stress, though, that he is not an unbreakable funboy. There is an ongoing discussion in Melbers about what is a haiku. This has often been sidestepped by dubbing a certain sort of work rooku. I would pick Maurice is an exponent of rooku, although he sometimes calls them short ones. As they are short I have posted five. It's hardly worth clicking on a blog for just the one. Though sometimes it might be.

Maurice McNamara lives in Melbourne. His book, Half-Hour Country was published by Small Change Press in 2009. 'Half history teacher, half Warhol, touch of Antique Roadshow. '

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