Monday, April 18, 2011

Tuesday Poem - Winding Up at the Bootmaker's by Les Murray

The widow handing out
her husband's last repair jobs,
each already newsprint-wrapped

sits meanwhile in their unlit shop
hands open on her lap.
Bitter grief has nearly smoothed her skin.

Kneeling up in Mediterranean black,
reaching down the numbered parcels
as if returning all their wedding gifts.

I was very pleased when Les said it was okay to put up this poem, which is the last poem in his most recent book - Taller When Prone - published by Black Inc in Melbourne. Les is a wonderful poet, I love his work.


  1. Thank you for posting, such a sad poem and yet it reminded me of the couple at a little shoe shop I used to love.

  2. I love his work too, Jen, but I have to admit to not having read any for a while - so double thanks, both for posting this excellent poem, and for reminding me to look for his recent work in book form.