Monday, May 16, 2011

Tuesday Poem - The Landfall Desk by Janet Frame

I have to post a link to this fascinating poem by Janet Frame because I don't have permission to use it.

All sorts of other interesting stuff you can find via the link. The photo is my own. I made a pilgrimage to where it now lives when I was in Wellington. The poem is in The Goose Bath which is one of my favourite books.
This poem etc came into my mind because we are shifting in July to a much smaller place and my oldest and my favourite writing desk has to find a new home. I puffed it on facebook and I think it is going to a wonderful poet who lives just up the road a ways from me called Emilie Zoey Baker (Easy Bee) who won the Berlin International Literature Festival Poetry Slam last year!!


  1. This is such a great (and iconic) poem.

  2. Hi Jennifer Thanks for putting this up, I love the story that comes with it!