Monday, August 8, 2011

Tuesday Poem - I Came Home With The Shopping by Jennifer Compton

I Came Home with the Shopping

And I said to him as he opened the front door -
Do you remember what day it is tomorrow?
And he said - No. What day is it?

Then I said - Do you remember who you married?
Yes - he said. Yes. I do remember her.
And then we both said – How many years is it?

Should we do something? - he said. No - I said.
Let's just do what we always do. I like doing that.

I feel quite stunned at the moment because while I was in New Zealand trying to do my Brilliant Book Tour for This City my mother dropped off the twig. Her timing was exquisite, as was her triumphant reconciliation with me in the corridor of Wellington Hospital. I never thought she would be able to find the right thing to say, but she did. So, I ended up going to her funeral in St Judes Lyall Bay the day before I was booked to fly back to Australia. St Judes was the church where Matt and I got married in 1971 on 31st July. So her timing wasn't quite consummate, because her funeral was on August 2nd. Anyway, I just went and forgot our wedding anniversary because I was in the thick of it, so tonight I am posting one of the few poems I have written for my precious husband Matthew. 


  1. Jen! I'm so sorry to hear of your mother's death. But the timing - amazing! I heard you read this poem in Palmerston North just a few weeks ago. It made me smile then and now.
    x Tim

  2. Jen - so sorry about your mother. Lovely poem. Thank you for posting.

  3. Dear Jen - I loved this poem when I read it in your book This City. I stopped and sat back and admired it's simplicity and simple beating heart.

    It is a stupendous love poem - a stupendous anniversary poem - love going on and on through ordinary things. It feels a bit like a fable or fairytale too - the woman at the door, the man asking: 'do you remember who you married?' Brilliant.

    I am so sorry about your Mum - but wonderful that you were here in Wellington and had a reconciliation. How incredible that she found the right thing to say to you.

    Finally, Happy Anniversary - you share the 31st of July with my Issy whose birthday it is, and Harry Potter... Love M x

  4. Oops - it was the woman asking 'do you remember who you married?' X