Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tuesday Poem - Empty Stop by Matt Hetherington

Empty Stop

the woman lights a cigarette
the man takes out a paper
their masks are making them thirsty

they stare through grey air
to find friends as easily hallucinated
as arrival on the horizon

she dreams of sand as pale and soft
as the skin of a beloved
he of the constellations
in the bottom of a glass

there is no early or late now
there is no reason to stand up
home is waiting like a bed

deadlock your heart
pull down the blinds on your eyes
it’s not as if it really matters

I have made a lot of good friends in Melbourne and Matt is one of them. A fine poet. A fine friend. I like his sensibility very much. 
This poem was previously published in Second Sight.

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Matt Hetherington is a writer and musician living in Melbourne.  He has published over 300 poems during the last 20 years throughout Australia, Europe, and America, and his most recent collection is I Think We Have’ (Small Change Press, 2007).  He is one of the initiators of the Moving Galleries Project, and is also on the board of the Australian Haiku Society  Some current inspirations are: Miles Davis, Sawako Nakayasu, and plain old sunshine.

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