Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tuesday Poem - Two Poems by Janet Jackson


It softly touches the bricks
at its edge,
a gentle but definite border.
The bricks say
      You can't come past here!
      This is our flower bed!
The lawn says
       OK, I won't
       but let me look.
The bricks let it look.

Breastfeeding a four-month old

As you stroke me
carefully opening your hand flat
I realise
that the annoying jerky movements
your fist made a month ago
were your very best caresses.

Here are two short poems from Janet Jackson's book Coracle which I picked up when I was in Perth. You can get the book from here -
and it is also available at Collected Works, Gleebooks, Mary Martins, Crow Books and a few other discerning book shops.

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  1. These are both quite charming. ("Quite" as in "very", not "fairly")