Monday, April 30, 2012

Tuesday Poem - Blue Flash by Jennifer Compton

Blue Flash

The cloud must drift so the sun strikes the nail hole
in the corrugated iron so the horse dances sideways
on the thin shaft of light in the indoor arena – so I

am lifted across the bunkhouse kitchen by the flash
of blue loosed out of your eyes like laughter see me
dance sideways to switch on the kettle in a blue flash

the rider doesn’t shift in the saddle she has her weight
low holds the heartbeat between her legs so I seek for
the blue thrill of your glancing blow.


  1. Wow. Love this, Jennifer. So strong and electric.

  2. Powerful stuff-your work always knocks me sideways AE

  3. Woah, so much movement in this. I like the dancing sideways and the specifics of the kettle.

  4. Really love this - the echo of the dance steps, both horse and human. You have captured movement so beautifully, Jennifer.

  5. oh yes ELECTRIC - and the beat here - the movement - bliss

  6. I had a religious moment reading this poem ...I said "Oh Jesus!" out loud! Praise the word...

  7. Gorgeous, sashaying, erotic poem - I love the way it slides from exterior to interior and approaches things a little obliquely at first, but then arrows in frankly - its joyful energy is infectious.