Monday, July 23, 2012

Tuesday Poem - This Is Not a Dream by Matt Hetherington

This Is Not a Dream

i’m on my knees again
next to the pipe
that runs from the bathroom sink to somewhere outside
the floor is white and clean
except for one small pile of my young daughter’s excrement
it’s no big deal
i have cleaned like this before
but there’s actually more than i thought
my knee gets some crap on it
and then the elbow of the hand holding the cleaning-cloth
then the other hand
and i try to wipe off a bit that’s got on my cheek
but i can taste some of it on my lips
and of course i swallow a little
and then it’s in my mouth and on my teeth
and my tongue is tasting shit
and i wake up spitting out nothing

I had the honour and delight to launch Matt Hetherington's new book Eye to Eye last week in darkest Thornbury at Tago Mago. The book is now available at Collected Works in Melbourne, and also, of course, from the author. 
(Matt is on Facebook so he is easy to find.) 

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