Monday, September 3, 2012

Tuesday Poem - Ceilings by Joyce Lee


In the sleepout,
the pattern in one corner
of the pressed metal ceiling
did not match, offended me.

Parents watched pennies;
the handyman patches
instead of using another sheet.

Joyce Lee 1913-2007 was for a short time the oldest poet in Australia. I have just read her book
'Bountiful Years' and found it wise and calm and loving.

Anne Carson, her literary executor tells me - “I still have copies to sell/give. Happy to give any away to a good cause or post out for a small charge.”

Her email is


  1. Thanks for posting this, Jen - brings Joyce's voice sharply back.

  2. It has a meditative quality. I love poems about the ordinary
    in life. Thanks for this I shall find out more about her.