Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Poem - Two Short Poems by Luke Beesley

Peacock peacock

In Tagore's last poems he imagines words popped of
loose, in the sky, nonsense syllables, pure colour

At the post office I watch a man for an hour
sew my parcels with a large needle
a purple full stop on his thumb

I never saw the Taj Mahal.

             I write I never saw the Taj Mahal
             but write 'sew' instead of 'saw'
             I never sew

Short story

His ear lit up like a daffodil

He found four bees in his car

It was a leap year. February rushed
past like formula one
a twist of tomato
in the alcohol

Luke Beesley lives in Melbourne. These insidious little poems are in his recent book 'Balance” from Whitmore Press.


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  1. Some nice lines here ...'words popped of meaning'
    Definitely interesting. Thanks for posting Jennifer and a very merry and happy Christmas and New Year.