Monday, January 14, 2013

Tuesday Poem - Sometimes I Wonder What's Going On by Matt Hetherington

Sometimes I Wonder What’s Going On

she turns up wanting space
she’s not wearing green again
why aren’t her kids making her happy?

she wants to up her dosage
to where it was
before she cancelled the ceremony

she needs to start smoking again
but her mother has just given up

she can’t remember what she forgot
she has a different voice for everyone she knows

someone dedicated a book to her
but she was smarter and never read it
she’s like an avocado inside-out

she likes to renovate her hair
her brain is like a magazine
she apologises but can’t tell you why

while she’s smoking a joint
she tells you
you’re the only thing wrong with her life

she doesn’t see
it’s going to burn her

and you don’t tell her

Previously published in fourW and The Best Australian Poems 2012

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