Monday, March 4, 2013

Tuesday Poem - Taking a Pig to Market by Kevin Brophy

Taking a Pig To Market

Pigs are keen to look at everything, as dogs are, and that is why

they love to be put in a trailer and taken on a journey through this

endlessly puzzling and amazing world. To be taken on a trailer

and driven away is to find yourself unexpectedly in charge of

the world, to find yourself filled with curious thoughts and new

experiences. No need to ask why this is happening and where we

might be going. These are considerations far away in a future so

distant it might as well be tomorrow. 

Kevin Brophy's contribution to the joint book Radar with Nathan Curnow
(Walleah Press) are prose poems of infinite but mordant jest. I couldn't like
them more. It was very hard to pick just one. I, alas, don't know how to fully
block on this blog (maybe it isn't even possible) but they are laid on the page
in the handsome book in elegant frames of absolute margins, which I can't
reproduce. But still, here is just one of the cool yet ardent works for your
viewing pleasure. 



  1. That's some poem -- and definitely a trailer I'd want to ride on. Thank God for poets like Brophy. Orwell made a dirty Stalin of his pig. E.B. White created a thoughtful little sadhu who reads messages in spider webs. Whose farm would you rather visit?

  2. Jennifer if you run your cursor along the menu bar in the new post page of blogger you will find alignment, press the drop down menu and select block... love this of course...hopefully I can pick up a copy.