Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tuesday Poem - the intercity by Vivienne Plumb

the intercity

i cannot believe I have slept through Levin/our bus is like a needle
as it criss-crosses the pasture/ paddock/ fir/ forest/ foreshore of
New Zealand/ here comes the rain again the wet sheep stand
blinking in it/ one passenger wipes the steamed-up window with
her ugly turquoise window curtain/ i knew those bus curtains
were good for something

This is a very apt poem - I did the bus trip from Sydders to Melbers yesterday and  this poem kept doing mash ups in my mind - stuff like - 'i can't believe we have to go via wagga' and 'these curtains are nearly as useless and annoying as the ones on kiwi buses'.


  1. Interestingly, I have never heard Sydney referred to as Sydders before. Or Melbourne as Melbers. But I have done the bus-ride, and all that can be said in its favour is that it's not as bad as Melbourne to Perth.

    Interesting little poem.

  2. and there is always Adelaide to Darwin