Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tuesday Poem - To the Reader by Dan Disney

To the Reader

If I were to burn a hole in the night my instruments would include starlight

and a magnifying glass. Once the hole was made big enough

I’d scaffold it … and then I’d crawl in. What would I find there? A cure for orphans

or the bored? An undiscovered number? Perhaps the perfect shade

of blue? Who knows. What I do know is I wouldn’t take too many people in

because they’d just fill it up.

I take you though. For sure. I would take you.



Here is another poem from Notes for the Translators edited by Christopher (Kit) 

Kelen and published by Cerberus Press - Flying Islands Books. 

 In his explication to possible translators Dan Disney writes - 'To the Reader' is 

composed as the freest kind of free verse.

Dan's most recent book is 'and then when the'  published by John Leonard Press.


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  1. What a lovely idea. Obviously, not a Black Hole because he would probably be crushed by its immense density. I love the closing line, "I take you though. For sure. I would take you." It's so reassuring and seems directly aimed at the reader as though he/she is the only person in existence beside the poet.