Monday, September 23, 2013

Tuesday Poem - The magpie by Jackson

The magpie
The magpie
with his sleek black wings and soft white back
hops onto the chair under the window,
listens to me rehearsing.
I look him in the eye and declaim at him.
When I finish the poem he hops up onto the windowsill, a bold
‘Hey! What are you doing? You can’t come in the house!’
He hops down onto the paving and looks at me reproachfully.
‘Well... you might make a mess. You might
poo on the table. I could
let you in if you promise not to
poo on the table...
or if you promise to clean up after yourself...’
He looks at me.
‘Or do you have a
message for me?’
He looks at me.
‘You’re a beautiful boy,
aren’t you? Look at that
beautiful back.’
He picks something out of the gutter and swallows it
then struts slowly away.
I threaten him. ‘I’ll write a poem about you.’

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