Monday, January 27, 2014

Tuesday Poem - oh yes by Jennifer Compton

oh yes

alexandra has a lot on her plate oh yes
she is scoffing up & chewing hard on
& the unexpected but very welcome baby oh yes
i mopped her kitchen floor while nicholas slept
she tinkered with a story
using one finger & one side of her brain
i scrubbed the stove top oh yes
she tapped
i scoured
we spoke
like guys at a work bench bent to it not seeking eye contact
at 6 am we had checked out the news nicholas on her tit
& the news was very hideous
but not quite critical mass yet oh yes not meltdown yet
no one would invite a child into this big raw mess
but if they insist
if they take their chance & muscle in it's on their heads good luck
so on to the chiropractor in berwick for our bad backs
i needed x-rays so alexandra ran me round to radiology
nicholas threw a jaunty arm across his nana's knee
& stood on his own feet which is his new trick
just look at me
oh yes
elderly girl fans on the far side of the waiting room exulted
their palms clasped together with an oh oh yes
then a polish woman with a fuckyou face said to my nakedness
hold still plis

I am giving this poem an airing as a page poem because it was recently aired as
an audio file as part of the latest issue of Going Down Swinging. I think you can
access it on the link below if you want to hear what it sounds like.

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