Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday Poem - Two Poems by Anne Elvey


A bird

drops to a branch,

the slow water. He’s

to a shape the eye

to match a name.

A shared path at the edge of Chelsea

Three cyclists pass. A grey heron
feeds. The stilts’ legs are drawn by a child.

I reach the pony club. One paddock
is a wetland. I have no tears. My pulse

is a function of my pace. Slowly the sun
warms the ground. I do not see it dry.

I had the great pleasure to be at Collected Works last week for the
launch of Anne Elvey's book Kin (Five Islands Press). I chose these
lovely fragments to share with you because Anne lives more or less
just around the corner from me and I know the places she is writing
about. And that is the cherry on top of the chopped nuts and cream
on top of the banana split!

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