Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tuesday Poem - Autumn by Gig Ryan


You go to bed a failure and rise a saint
The casino's trays of lights wobble in the river
Unpack the origami news in prison flats
and books advertised like cars
TV tracks the angst-ridden comedian's path
I forget who I am, and drive
or hover at a desk, a blank mosaic
while their shocks comfort and defer
She retires to her studio
with her devices and rueful catharsis
Dust words blow away
The time you waste
murky and naïve, the plinking church organ
and sweet liturgy pouring on the air
A beautiful object covers his book
Concrete rain falls down

© Gig Ryan

Gig Ryan kindly allowed me to post this poem from her recent book published by Giramondo Press – New And Selected Poems. It was originally in Pure And Applied which won the Victorian Premier's prize For Poetry in 1999.

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