Monday, November 5, 2012

Tuesday Poem - A Night At The Theatre by Jennifer Compton

A Night At The Theatre

The play was bad.
The set was bad.
The actors were very bad.
The directing was bad.
The lighting was bad.
The sound was bad.
I wanted to leave at the interval
but my husband said — No, it's rude.
The supper? The supper was good.

Here is a little poem from my new little book - 'Ungainly' (Mulla Mulla Press). I am still reeling from an amazing double launch with Coral Carter's 'Descended From Thieves' (Mulla Mulla Press) at Collected Works in Melbourne. 
'Ungainly' is a little jeu d'esprit, a tiny drama, a wee farouche farrago.
Warning - Contains Traces Of Tobacco.


  1. Love the brevity & wit of this, Jennifer. I haven't walked out on theatre before, but have been sorely tempted. Congrats on the launch!

  2. 'Ungainly' is a smokysweet little book. Everyone should buy it.

  3. Congratulations Jen. And the poem was such fun! Great that the supper was good.
    I'm not sure what a farouche farrago is but it has a good rolling sound!